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Where did the name come from?

Plonkon is a fusion of two part words. The first syllable was motivated by the word ‘Plonkies’, the affectionate name given to winemaking students that studied at Roseworthy Agricultural College, (now part of Adelaide University) the institution where the Plonkon founder studied. The second syllable of Plonkon originated from a word ending often used by leading on line shopping sites.

Can I purchase multiple cases of the one wine deal in one transaction?

Yes. Subject to stock availability, you may purchase multiple cases of the same deal in one transaction as such a transaction is with one supplying winery.

Can I purchase wines from two separate wine deals in one purchase transaction?

Yes you certainly can.

How often will I receive emails promoting Plonkon listed deals?

Weekly. However, there will be circumstances where offers may be presented more regularly than weekly. Plonkon adopted the weekly email philosophy to minimize the number of emails landing in your inbox.

Are all wines offered through Plonkon limited to current release wines?

No. In addition to current release wines, Plonkon also offers pre release products as well as ‘bin ends’. There is no limit to the Australian wines on offer at Plonkon but we encourage you to read the tasting notes to learn more about the wine being presented. 

Although there will be exceptions, it is normal that each deal offered at any one time will be an offer from different winery entities and for this reason the transactions for each supplying winery need to be kept separate.

Are my payment details shared with the supplying winery?

No. The supplying winery will receive 100% of the funds associated with a wine purchase, including transaction fees but the customer payment details stay within Paypal.

Will my customer details be shared with other parties?

Yes but only to the supplying winery. As Plonkon is a genuine winery direct supply site, when you place an order, you are providing some of your customer details to the supplying winery. These details include customer name, customer email and delivery address. This is the only way that a direct winery supply arrangement can work. When you place an order with the supplying winery, your contact details then become subject to the supplying wineries privacy policy.

Do prices change throughout the offer period?

No, the best possible price is offered when the deal goes live and remains fixed during the offer period.

No, the best possible price is offered when the deal goes live and remains fixed during the offer period.

The offer period is strictly subject to availability and, other than during the site initiation period, will usually be for a minimum of 3 days.

Is Plonkon limited in membership?

No. Plonkon is all about transparency and integrity. Plonkon also has a genuine interest is wine consumers getting the best deal possible and for supplying wineries to maximize their success. Therefore, Plonkon believes is sharing the best deals possible for a win/win outcome, by minimizing barriers.

How do you define ‘adequate’ stock?

Plonkon uses a three phrase stock level indicator. The idea of this indicator is to openly inform site visitors of an approximation of available stock at a given time. Plonkon has adopted a three level stock indicator index:

  1. The term Adequate will appear if more than 100 dozen of a given product remains available for purchase.
  2. The term Limited Stock will show where remaining available stocks are between 25 and 100 dozen.
  3. Very Limited is the term used when remaining sales stock levels are less than 25 dozen in quantity.

Rather than buy through Plonkon, can I make a purchase of the same offer from the winery using other means, such as a telephone order?

No. For reasons of stock control, all wines on offer may only be purchased through Plonkon. All deals posted at Plonkon are unique and have a nominated stock level. Keeping track of stock is critical if we are to meet customers supply expectations. However, you are free to contact the winery directly to find out more about the deal or to purchase any other wines that the winery may produce that are not subject to the Plonkon promotion.

Can I nominate a different delivery address to my registered address?


Do all supplying wineries supply according to the same terms and conditions?

No. As each wine purchased through Plonkon is genuinely winery direct to customer, the majority of terms and conditions relating to product supply are based on the terms and conditions relevant to the supplying winery. To assist in accessing the individual wineries terms and conditions, each deal offered through Plonkon provides a link to the supplying winery website or, if not, other relevant direct winery contact details are provided in each offer. We know that some wineries have daily collections by Australia Post whereas others see Australia Post twice per week. Plonkon can only provide generic terms and is therefore unable to supply specific terms of supply when there are so many variables. Plonkon encourages potential customers to familiarise themselves with the terms and conditions of the supplying winery.

Do I get any credits for recommending buyers to Plonkon?

No. Whenever a site offers discounts for referrals, credits on future purchases or a chance to win a desirable electronic prize for signing up, it does so at a cost to the site making the offer. Who ultimately pays for the offer? Plonkon is about reducing the costs so that both the customer and winery get the best outcome. The future of Plonkon’s position in such marketing activities may change but for now at least, we hope that our low cost, no frills approach results in joy to both customer and supplier.

Is postage inclusive within the pricing of all deals?

Yes. The postage inclusive pricing is however limited to delivery addresses within Australia and limited to regions within Australia where it is permissible to supply wine. Plonkon acknowledges and respects that parts of Australia are designated ‘Dry areas’ where it is not permissible to supply any product containing alcohol.