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Why is Plonkon Australia's most trusted wine deal site?

Integrity. Product integrity, price integrity, genuine winery direct supply and transparency.

In an age where competitive forces are such that markets are pursuing discounting and selling price as key market differentials, product integrity can suffer.

Is there integrity in making claims of huge discounts from falsely elevated recommended retail prices? Is there integrity in the promotion of ‘faceless’ brands, the brands that make it hard to know who actually made the wine? Is there integrity in claiming to be a winery direct wine supplier when the stock is moved from winery to a non winery warehouse then to consumer?

Product Integrity. Each wine presented through Plonkon is as much about the winery and the winemaker as it is about the product. There is a real person and a real wine company behind every wine offered though Plonkon. The winemaker and the winery are presenting their wine and their reputation every time they list a deal through Plonkon.

We are not claiming that you will know every wine brand listed through Plonkon. In fact, part of Plonkon’s agenda is to assist with lifting the profile of some of Australia’s low awareness wine brands. What we are claiming is that Plonkon’s product integrity is such that, regardless of the brand being offered, Plonkon connects the consumer to a real winery who is prepared to stand behind each wine they choose to offer through Plonkon.

Price Integrity. The price you see advertised at Plonkon landing page is the price you pay. In all instances, the advertised price is the final purchase price, inclusive of product, taxes, handling and postage. We do not believe in luring customers by advertising a discounted price and then adding postage costs, and other costs, only once the purchaser has navigated their way to the shopping cart.

Price savings will be offered on wines made available through Plonkon with many discounts being significant. The price integrity of Plonkon means that, when a winery states a recommended retail price and an associated price discount for a given deal, they are making themselves accountable for their statement.

Genuinely Winery Direct. Put simply, Plonkon is a conduit between interested wine buyers and a multiple wineries. Others may claim to supply wines directly from the winery but it is common that this term used somewhat loosely. The genuine direct connection to multiple wineries offered by Plonkon is indeed rare and does represent an area where savings are achieved.

Transparency. Plonkon has nothing to hide. More than this, Plonkon wants to reveal all! Plonkon wants to make it clear to consumers exactly who is behind each product and genuinely attempts to ensure that each product comes with full accountability of the wine being offered. Similarly, Plonkon wants each of the supplying wineries to know who is buying their product.

Having connected wineries directly with interested consumers, Plonkon may lose some customers and suppliers. Plonkon expects and accepts such outcomes. Plonkon believes such transparency will build trust within the site. The reason that dedicated wine deal sites typically do not supply winery direct is that these wine sites wish to protect their customer database. The database size and quality of such sites is where some of these sites grow the value of their business. The wine deal sites protect their database by not having to provide delivery details to a supplying winery. In doing so, someone is paying the cost of the extra handling and freight costs involved! Plonkon is more focused on offering the best deal for both consumer and producer with an outcome that allows customers to develop a direct relationship with Australian wineries.